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Our Legacy :-

Built on the solid foundation of technical expertise, impeccable product quality, and non-negotiable business ethics, Haria Fragrances have been the hallmark of Fragrance innovation in India since 1968. This is the result of the leadership of our Founder Shri Somchand Lakhamshi Haria (a.k.a Dhirubhai ) who spent 55 years embedding these qualities in our DNA.

Shri Somchand Lakhamshi Haria is an exceptional human being and a great leader. Shri Somchand bhai is a true visionary, a man far ahead of his times; he epitomised a dauntless entrepreneurial spirit.

Apart from his business interests, he was deeply involved in numerous philanthropic acts. His sterling leadership qualities, remarkable foresight, uncompromising pursuit of excellence, humility, and phenomenal capacity to motivate and trust others set him apart. His values and ethics continue to inspire the way Haria Fragrances does business today. As a pioneer in Fragrances in India, we believe in sharing knowledge to improve the quality of products across the industry. Carrying forward the legacy of Shri Somchand bhai , his son Shri Dipesh Somchand Haria has taken Haria Fragrances to new heights.

Having been thrust into the business at a relatively young age of 16 as Shri Dhirubhai suffered a sudden heart attack , Shri Dipesh Haria took the baton of Haria Fragrances in his hands . Being fascinated and passionate by fragrances since the childhood , Shri Dipesh Haria cemented his expertise in the field of fragrances by undertaking a course to study the world of fragrances . With the initial knowledge and expertise of Shri Somchand Haria and later, the passion and young blood of Shri Dipesh Haria , Haria Fragrances have revolutionized the Industry of Aroma's

Moreover , a few years back another young blood from the family Shri Somchand Haria's Daughter Jyoti Gutka's Son Mr.Vishal Sanjay Gutka has joined the team of Haria Fragrances . With the world becoming more and more technology driven , Mr.Vishal with his out-of-the-box creativity has embarked on this journey to redefine the way our products are introduced to the customers. Modern branding along with online marketing are his brain-child . With him joining us , we are heading into the 3rd generation set up which is a distinctive feat as very few businesses continue till the 3rd generation in the same line of business


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Vision is the rare ability to see opportunities that others cant . At Haria Fragrances , we take pride in the fact that we could sense the advent of futuristic Aroma's and invest in building the capability to handle these to match the best in the fragrance world

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Commitment delivers results . Commitment is an achievers value . Commitment is making sure that things happen , undeterred by the challenges and obstacles . At Haria Fragrances , commitment is our way of life and making sure that delivery matches the promise.

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An organisation is built on trust . The trust that the consumer puts in us becomes the bedrock of our business.

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Integrity is where the thought and action are perfectly aligned . In the long term , it becomes the guiding compass that helps the organisation make the right choices

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Right from the best practices in effuent treatments to enabling the workers at our factories with proper working conditions , everything we do is sustainable , ethical and responsible .

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Quality is world class finishing . Quality is to know the perfect combination between oils to bring out the best possible Aroma's and continuing the same year on year . Quality is maintaining a distinctive property that enables the customer to recognise the product from the properties is possesses

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Innovation requires focus , time , dedication and an experiment driven attitude. Exploration innovation work on new fragrances , refined with state-of-the-art processing technology had put us at the forefront of Fragrance engineering , thus making innovation a value that drives us

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Customer service

Haria Fragrances reaches every corner of the world , through a network covering the width of fragrance worldwide through a network powered by hundreds of dealers and dedicated agents . This network helps us make our fragrances available at the place of consumer demand. Everything we do is aimed at delivering better services and better experience